EZID helps you build fast and secure passwordless authentication for your end users.

Our authentication service can be used as a standalone platform or as 2FA (two-factor authentication) on top of any existing authentication solution, eg: Firebase Auth, AWS Cognito, or in-house auth.

Getting Started

To use EZID and build fast, secure, and modern auth, you need to create an account at https://app.ezid.io/login.

Testing with Dummy APIs

To make testing and developing with EZID quick and easy, we built a dummy company called Planet Tree. The client_id and client_secret provided below can be used to test our APIs by calling them in Postman or you could have a look at our demo on Github.


Planet Tree API keys:

client_id: 56cbd48fdc023c01b13d4698f6c23793

client_secret: b6b80a0c122f3c46997e1720ee3b410185a5851e1bf03af2aeec875aefabf25b


Github demo


While using our dummy APIs you will not need to register with us or set up an account.

When you are ready to go into production or start testing with live data, you will need to create an account and get your personal client_id and client_secret for your application. This can be here: https://app.ezid.io/login.

Your Application

We create your client_id and client_secret when you first register with EZID. By default we leave your email branding information empty but before you send any email, you would need to go into your account, and update it; this can always be changed later.

API Keys

The API keys is an identifier to all communications your software makes with EZID. You'll find your API keys in the EZID portal. You should store the keys of your application in your codebase as an environment variable.

You will need to pass this along with every call you make to our API as client_id and client_secret.